Well, RubyConf 2023 is over. And, what an amazing experience it was!

I want to thank everyone who attended (whether you came to my talk or not) for making the conference such a wonderful, supportive, friendly environment. The Ruby community is known for this. But, this conference felt even more special.

I want to thank Marty Haught, Paul Reece, Garen Torikian, Elijah Barreto, Andy Maleh, Meagan Waller, and Trevor the comedian for wonderful conversations at the speaker's reception. 🍻

I want to thank Adarsh Pandit, Jim Remsik, Murray Steele, Rob Kaufman, Hilary Stohs-Krause, Wayne Seguin, and everyone else at the meetup organizers session. I'm looking forward to our first post conference meeting! 🗓

I want to thank Dave Thomas, Noel Rappin, Dave Copeland, Brandon Weaver, Thiago Araujo, Stefanni Brasil, and everyone else at the written content creators open space. I feel inspired to write more, and to finish that book. 📘

I want to thank the Program Committee for giving me the opportunity to speak. Thank you Allison McMillan and Chelsea Kaufman for co-chairing such an amazing event. Thank you Zarela Graves for helping with all my questions. Thank you Aryn Chapman for making sure my deck works for the 📽 folks. And, thank you RubyCentral in general and Tom Chambers specifically for making it so easy to sponsor. 💯

I want to send a special shout out to Maple Ong who introduced me before my talk. More importantly, Maple stood offstage and chatted with me during the 10 minutes before my talk. It (mostly) helped keep my nerves under control. 😃 Thank you, Maple!

I want to thank my colleagues at Cisco Meraki for connecting with each other and for being there for me at my talk! 💚 It was great actually meeting and/or reconnecting with all of you IRL! Thank you to Dan Kamien, Stanley Suen, and Cindy Huynh for all the support with the job fair! Thank you to Hoa Newton for taking the reins. And thank you to Fito von Zastrow for always being there for me and for having the guts to get up and give a lightning talk! ⚡

And, I especially want to thank everyone who showed up at my talk and laughed at all my jokes. 😆 I could not have imagined a warmer reception. Nor, could I have imagined that my content would be so well received. (There were pictures of my slides tooted and tweeted before I came off the stage!) What an amazing experience!

For those of you who were not able to attend my talk on flaky tests, or those of you who didn't get a picture of the summary slide, here are the slides.

For those of you who want to practice fixing flaky specs, here's the code.

For those of you interested in my writing, you can find it at the.codegardner.com.

And, here are the two most popular slides (as ranked by their appearances on social media):

I hope to see everyone again at RailsConf next spring in Detroit and at RubyConf next fall in Chicago!